There is no doubt that responding to consultation can be resource expensive and time-consuming. Consultation Responder has been designed to make the process of creating an agreed response much more efficient.

The key is to use eConsult’s  interactive tools in order to discuss and reach agreement with colleagues or, for example ,to validate policy with external stakeholders, but also having the capability to record timelines and tasks and, when the policy response is complete, to allow interested parties to be able to easily access it. All such processes are part of the Consultation Responder in eConsult.


The Consultation Responder process

Consultation manager receives request to respond to an external consultation from an organization or government or partners, logging invitation and response dates and creating what might be termed an internal consultation.


Now there are selections from a list of internal contacts. They can be groups of internal contacts, or accessed through a profile search or they can be imported and invited to make their contribution (only these invited contacts are allowed to contribute).

Next step is to configure descriptions, consultation documents or a survey or discussion forum and if, for example, this response is to be generated in stages, then it will be named as Consultation X - stage 1.


Key contacts invited would receive invitations and respond accordingly. The “consultation” manager will be able to communicate with those who have not responded to the invitation and can encourage them to respond.


Viewpoints, results of surveys etc would be synthesized at the end of response period and a response document prepared. The engagement exercise may end here or there may be further stages, enabled by simply repeating the steps above, creating Consultation X - stage 2, and so on.


When the final response is complete, the consultation manager may choose to publish it to the public or interested parties, where both summary details can be read and the complete document accessed from the eConsult system.

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