Unlimited consultations
Discussion forums, comprehensive surveys
Unlimited consultation managers
Hosted and secure data
Generate and analyse reports real time
Fully branded look and feel
Accessibility a priority
Bi-lingual version

Top Ten reasons
To use eConsult for your Stakeholder Engagement. It gets results, Very easy to use, Reduce costs, high ROI, Multiple consultations...

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Smart organisations make people
part of the process ...
Norfolk County Council

Consultation Responder
Means time saving and resource saving and therefore money saving. There is no doubt that responding to consultations can be resource expensive and time consuming.

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The eConsult Stakeholder Platform is a comprehensive and unified online consultation, research and discussion management system. It is a tool for market research and for employee and customer consultation also. It has discussion forums and professional survey capabilities residing in a stakeholder database and communications system.


As a tool for online consultation, eConsult enables total control over the whole consultation cycle, from planning through to response analysis to final presentation. It is used by major organisations to inform, engage, listen and learn from their customers and stakeholders. It facilitates eDemocracy and democratic engagement in civil society and the work place. It embraces the best techniques of social networking and interactive social software, combined with the strengths of online community, market research and eConsultation.


As a hosted service - Software as a Service  - the eConsult Consultation Platform can quickly be integrated and fully branded with your website, providing a consultation directory and search engine, a stakeholder database and registration system, a survey and analysis system, with discussion forums and document management - all easily managed and empowering you to create and control all of your stakeholder engagement activity.

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